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Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting started.

So! I've never had a blog before. I dunno if I have too much to write about. SO lets talk about my phone

I recently got a new phone ( and it's a frikken sexy phone. I've never seen a better looking phone. Only problem is that it's running android 1.6 which is an older version of the android platform. I'm abit disappointed with how Sony Ericsson is supporting (or lack there of) the phone.

I dunno if any of you are familiar with android phones and how they differ from the iPhone or a Blackberry. I heard a very good comparison of the iPhone and an android phone... The iPhone is like a walled garden. It's beautiful and works well.. but you have to stay within the walls. Where an Android phone is like a massive field where you can plant as many flowers or bushes or trees as you'd like.

Anyways back to the phone. It has an 8mp camera.. and I'm not sure if it's one of those things that means more mega pixels the better. I have taken a picture of my spider plant with the default camera app and then "vignette" from the android market. So here is a comparison. both are images clipped at 100% and then have a segment blown up to show some detail.

In my opinion the default camera app renders images better. Vignette seems to have a lot of noise in the image.

This is getting rather long. So I shall leave (leaf, HA it's funny cause it's a picture of leaves....) off here and ask...

What is your phone of choice, and if you're running an Android phone, what is your favorite camera app?

Till tomorrow


  1. Hey!

    The camera I use is a Canon EOS Rebel XS, but when I bought it I also picked up the deathlens I use in a lot of my shots which set be back a total of $1080 two years ago. Probably can get the same setup now for around $400, though.

    And yeah, I've had some close calls, but thus far I've lucked out :P

  2. Haha I love geocaching...

    I watched on the news once a bomb team destroy a geocache on the side of a bridge using a small explosive because they thought it was something dangerous.