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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watch out for my body rolls!

A You tube video for you all

I'm still new at this blogging thing. So if you're following me and I'm not following you let me know and I'll totally be happy to follow you.

Currently my favorite blogs:

The Derp Files:
This guy is so awesome and hilarious. If you don't read his stuff then you should.

No! Not another drawing blog!:
I'm into watching people draw. It's one of the things I like.

Pig Disgusting:
Takes things that I've read elsewhere and makes them 10000 times better.

Actually, I like all of the blogs I follow and if I were to continue the list would be too long. Seriously check out who I am following and then follow them if you aren't


  1. LOL WTF! i think you need to watch this under the influence of drugs.

  2. That was discordant, creepy, and fucked up...I think I'm scarred, now...

  3. Damn man. I really appreciate the shout out!

  4. those blogs look promising! thanks for the heads-up

  5. I saw your avatar and I knew I was meant to follow ;)