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Friday, October 1, 2010

Jobs jobs jobs

So I'm unemployed and the worst part of seeking employment is.. THE RESUME. Mostly because alot of jobs EXPECT you to lie on it, so when I'm being totally honest on it people will be like "Holy crap if this is the best lie he can come up with then he must SUUUUUUUUCK"

This is what I think a resume is.

Then there is the whole "sell yourself" aspect which I just hate, I'm more than willing to learn anything you need so you should just hire me.

"Well that's great tell me what skills you have that would be good for this job"
I have all of them. I'm just not too good at some of them. I'm a level 24 empath and I have staff of bonking augmented with ice.

... Honestly. Hire me and if you like how I do things then keep me, if you don't then we can go our separate ways. My feelings wont be hurt, I promise.. I understand that training takes time out of the company and blah blah blah... but I'm pretty sure that guy over there on the cash register is high... and he just split a 20 with two 10's and a 5.... he's also a chupacabra.

Tell me of your strange job stories! Be it during work or the strangest interview! I love reading your comments

I'm not this enthusiastic in real life it's just that it's so much eaiser to be open on the internet to complete strangers. I'm really quite shy. I should fix that.



  1. Hahaha! I like your comics. The face on that first one reminded me of the cartoon style in the show Adventure Time.

    One time I was in a group interview, and I used the words "pissed off." Not very professional. I really shouldn't have done that, but I guess I didn't care about the job that much. I felt pretty stupid afterward.

  2. My manager interviewed someone that answered "What can you bring to the company" with "um... Cookies?" so at least we're all better than that guy.

    @Megan, what kind of job was it for?

  3. If you drew these comics I'd be interested in performing oral sex on you.

  4. fuck nancy pelosi. she's an ignorant cunt.

    back to my job...


    prepare to fellate. I drew them bt they are HEAVILY inspired by lolcomics and all those stick man reaction images.

  6. I feel you on getting a job, but keep trying. After this holiday season kicks off into full gear this month, it'll be even harder to get a job till February.