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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dinner was SO good.

Sometimes I think "hey, why aren't you a chef at some fancy restaurant?" And then I remember that I can really only make things warm with the oven.. or boil water and put stuff in it.


I wish I could throw it up and eat it all over again.

I like my mashed potatoes with the skins on. Also, asparagus is really tasty but it makes your pee smell.

Food is weird.

What is your favorite food? Mine would have to be... Pizza, Pickels and... Sushi.

@Colin B
Families: Helping you discover your sexuality since forever....

My sister told me the same thing! Do you remember Animal from the muppets? We had a puppet of him and his eye's glowed in the dark... She TORTURED me with him.


@Erroneous Maximus
yeah! Couch buddies!

Haha the sleeping bag thing, That happened to me too. My sister said "you'll be ok, kids are bouncy" How are we not dead?


  1. I'll stick with Sandwich master race. Although, sushi is nice once in awhile.

  2. Lol..."Don'tcha know that Bumbles bounce?"

    I don't think I have a favorite food. Right now, I could go for some Thai food, though. Pad See Ew ftw!

  3. Actually it was my PeeWee herman Doll that I had which talked that she told me was going to get while I was sleeping.

    Favorite Food: Steak, Baked potato and Caesar Salad.

  4. I made cinnamon buns on Friday. And none of that Pillsbury already made stuff either!

  5. I fucking love brownies. OM NOM NOM ONM NOMOMN NOM

    Especially cosmic brownies. Mmmm. Damn, now I'm hungry. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME

  6. This actually looks a little tasty. Gotta love me some poptarts though. YUMMMMMMMMMM

  7. My absolute favorite food with out a doubt is bacon cheese burgers. I find that most diners around me can make a decent burger.

  8. It's probably misleading to talk about favourite foods, because in the end it depends on how well it's prepared. For my wife and I, eating can be something of a ritual, as described in

  9. Pizza can always be consumed!
    Unless you've just had pizza.. then I'd go for tacos!

  10. Asparagus is GROSS and you should feel GROSS
    I really love curry.

  11. Oh man I am so hungry right now >< I went for a 10 mile run and had a stupid protein shake after. Grr. I wish that plate of food would hop through my laptop and land on my hands.

  12. A perfectly handcrafted cheeseburger is my favorite. And an ice cold soda to wash it down.

  13. Oh man, now I wanna get some honey ham with mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage... I haven't had a ham dinner in forever.

    I should make some pan fried chicken tomorrow...