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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hey All!

I hope you've been having a good evening! So I totally had a nap... I shouldn't have but I did. I think I have some serious problems... I lost 5 pounds! So now I'm 115... SKELETOR!

I've been working on my elf picture

Jpeg compression!
 I think it's looking ok. I need to work on my 3D thinking. But I don't think I SEE in full 3D... I have bad eyesight but my glasses look terrible on so I never wear them

Do any of you wear glasses?

@Eternalzenith, Savage Nugget, iAthiest
I love pineapples and I did try to grow one once... but it died... Poor Harold..

I'm allowed fish... but I kill fish too. I can never remember if I've fed them or not and then they die.

@Akiba pop!
We got to stick together! hahaha stick... plant humour....

@Megan, Ankiseth
But.. Rainbows make everything better! And I sing to Peter... perhaps that is why he's dieing.

@Katie Greene
Poor Emily... she will be missed.


  1. Why wear eye glasses when you can get lazer eye. ;-)

  2. You really have a good grasp on shading, just now start working on details.

  3. I wear glasses when I drive.. people only say I look intelligent wearing them 0.0

  4. Just wear the glasses. I, however, have excellent vision. When I look at those eye charts from the prescribed line the etch/tape on the floor, I generally can see up to the last two lines. Gloat, gloat, gloat.

    Nice drawing. It's more archaic Greek than Hellenistic, if you know what I mean. Details, details.

    Good post. I'll be watching you.

  5. i wear glasses, but they're 90% cosmetic. my vision is fine w/o them.

    i wear glasses because 1) my face is plain, 2) they made me look smarter during debates.

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  7. I wear contacts, which can be a huge pain. I should wear glasses, but they bother me too. Maybe I just like whining.

    Also, your picture needs more rainbows. XD

  8. I wear glasses. I'm nearsighted. Not bad enough that I cannot function without them, although it is getting a little worse because computers, ORZ.

  9. I wear glasses pretty much all the time. Except when I'm sleeping. Or showering. Or not wearing them.