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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Doot doot doot

Ooooh my goodness I am so sick. I thought I was getting better but then I got worse. My olfactory is under new management and is now the booger factory.

I think things like this all the time.
Man, sometimes my imagination just kicks in when I'm doing mundane things and makes them frikken scary. Does this happen to you guys? Most of the time it's these impossibly complex chains of events that ends up with something happening to someone.

It's why I constantly worry about everyone.

I rooted my phone whilst sick... which means I won't remember anything about how I did it when I get better. Now my phone is like "woo! I am so fast and battery efficient" I was going to write something about something but then I forgot.


I am a horrible person.

@Abigale Consulting
Animals are the best medicine, unless you're allergic to them

@John's Blagovore
With the beepin and the booping and the bippin and the boppin?
Father of Chip tunes.
"Leonardo... we can't do this" 'Why not Barbie?' "It's Ken.. He... he knows!" 'Don't you worry pootie pie I-' "You don't understand! Ken is.. he's.. SHREDDER"



  1. Let your imagination run wild, then draw it!

  2. i like your blog. alot. supporting :)

  3. LMAO!!!! OMG!! That is like the funniest thing....we never thought to have Ken be shredder. *starts thinking about breaking out her old toys just for the hell of it*

    You are officially my new favorite blogger/person. I hope you get better soon because being sick sucks so much ass its not even funny.

    Funny enough though my brain does the same thing that yours does as well. Kind of scares me sometime, like when I am going up and down the stairs a couple times doing something. I get this mini movie clip of me falling and the odd position I would end up in when I finally land.

  4. I worry about so much ridiculous stuff :( but it could happpen

  5. oh my god that hitler ... he looks just so ... cute :3

  6. OMG, that comic, I almost always think like that when I something glass in my hand. Or like what if I fell with a knife.

    Also hope you feels better.

  7. ouch, comic hurts, like happy tree friends =\ hope you get better soon.

  8. Aww, Hitler just looks too darned cute! I wanna pinch his little cheekies and tell him what a cutie he is!