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Friday, October 8, 2010


I woke up with a sore throat and then coughed up a friend. Sir Phlegmington the 9th.

He ate the baby.

Since I cant' hear whats going on when I glance over I usually make up some sort of story to go along with whats happening. Then I giggle to myself because I'm OH SO WITTY~

Why is daytime tv so horrible?

So my glasses... They work just great but my eyes are just ever so slightly too close to eachother making any adult sized frames far too big for my face. I literally have to go find some child sized frames and get my lenses put into them

And to make it all worse I have a huge mouth. Like Julia Roberts huge. Yeah.. I totally look like James Franco mixed with Julia Roberts...

darkmanx says "Why wear eye glasses when you can get lazer eye. ;-)"

Well aren't you fancy Mr. 20/20 vision! Maybe If I had sunflowers for eyes then I too could see in 20/20 ;D

@Katie Green
After reading your blog posts I can't imagine you looking anything but SUPER SMART.

*shudder* Contacts are so creepy.. You have to touch.. your eyes.. Rainbows for EVERYONE!

@Mezzocatorce (MezzoCatorce [Empty??])
Yeah!! Nearsighted high 5!


  1. The only people home during the daytime are lonely housewives and they love their soaps, get netflix or hit up Hulu insteads.

  2. ahahahahahah that pic made me lol =D

  3. Have u tried checking what specifically is wrong with that tv?

  4. i know right, if i had a million dollars id make a decent tv channel, no wait, id probably just go buy useless crap! haha

  5. Because horrible people watch TV at daytime.

  6. I also have to wear child-sized glasses because of my small melon.

    Daytime TV is horrible because so many people touch themselves at night.

    It makes sense somehow. Trust me.

  7. Thanks for the comments on my last blog post!

  8. Daytime TV blows my pensi (yes i mean pensi)

  9. Daytime TV is crap, not worth watching until later on. Then again, I don't watch much TV at all, so meh.

  10. funny thing is I remember reading that comment and thinking the same thing :D

  11. that's an awesome compliment!

    thanks for stopping by the 16th Parallel, Asher...


  12. Oh here I am again, thanks for your comment!

  13. Hmm? I left a comment?

    True story. Was first thing I shooped in my DD class back in high school.

  14. Daytime TV just goes for the completely bizarre stuff. The "You are not the father" dances are quite entertaining sometimes.

  15. You should really try contacts man. At first you're like "Oh my god I'm touching my eyes ewww!" But then you get to the point where you're like "lol people look I'm touching my eyeball."