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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Late night happy time.

Hey all,

What are some things that make you happy? I ask this because someone just randomly got into a bad mood and then took it out on me. All my attempts to cheer them up failed.

Artists recreation of his face.
There was only one thing that I could do.....

I put on my headphones, ignored him and listened to happy music, which is a big step for me 'cause I'm a fixer...I like to hear peoples problems and try to make them better or at least FEEL better.

Some of my favorite happy music! (names link to you tube videos)
Hoppipolla - Sigur ros
Run -Susumu Hirasawa (millennium actress soundtrack)
Venice Rooftops - Assassins creed 2 soundtrack
Don't Give Up - Josh Groban (Oooh yeaaaah..)
Defying Gravity - Wicked Soundtrack.
To name a few

Sometimes we just need to know that things are going to be ok. What do you guys do or listen to when you need to feel the happy?

I absolutely LOVE reading your comments. They give me the happy.

@Erroneous Maximus
Wow, thank you so much! It's difficult to respond to such a well written comment. I don't know if I can write anything to show how much I appreciate that.

@Kirari Star
Stood? All day!? Local Asian bootleg shop!!??

@Colin B
Ridin' scooters like a baws with your sunglasses and whatnot. I miss being a kid because you think you're AWESOME at everything. I'M SO GOOD AT RUNNING I COULD RUN FOREVER! And then you grow up and learn that no... you were not good at running.

@_lycosa (_lycosa 2 )

@Tim (2,3)
I always felt like such a rebel when I would hard reboot my computer and my mom would yell at me "IT WAS NOT SAFE FOR YOU TO TURN THE COMPUTER OFF!"


  1. Ahh, got my late-night chuckles in, woo!

    Thanks for the happy music links - AC2 music is indeed nice.

    I still think I'm good at running and that it is NOT safe to turn off the computer.

  2. calling someone you care about and just talking helps a lot.

  3. Good call on the Sigur Ros. My happy-time music over the past few days has been Scott Joplin and other ragtime tunes. They've just got a happy vibe to 'em.

  4. I love the sound of rain, it makes me all gushy inside. Sadly I can't control the weather and I don't live in Seattle, so I use

  5. What makes me happy is a bowl of creamy tomato soup and a grilled cheese, with a good show to watch.

  6. Russian water makes me happy. Failing that, light-hearted chinese girl cartoons tend to work well too.

  7. Listening to 311 really helps me out of a bad mood.
    alot of their tracks are "feel-good" tracks.
    That, or just write whatever comes into my mind on a scrap of paper and just draw over it or throw it away right afterwards.

  8. I like to workout. It makes me feel proud of my body, proud of my dedication, and the hormone release lifts my mood. I also like to paint/draw my feelings in an abstract way or write songs.

  9. making lots of cash makes me happy... but seriously, achieving my goals satisfy me

    btw, check out my new post on Enhanced by MS Paint :)

  10. Being around friends is always good.

  11. Music also makes me feel good and lifts my mood when I am down. Talking to people I love and care about brightens my mood. Shouting ADVENTURE TIME!! Also works ;)

  12. i dunno, its hard to get out of one of those mindsets.

    some good music is nice- rock violin if thats your kind of thing

  13. Rofl. dude... I love the website so much. following.

  14. Cloud Cult is amazing for that.
    Lemon Demon is pretty good too.
    Pretty much anything chiptune however is magical...

  15. My dogs can help me out of a bad mood. They are always doing something that makes me smile.

  16. I need time. Or yelling. Yeah, its usually better after Yelling a lot. Wear myself out. :D