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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sometimes trying to get to sleep is hard.

Dear imagination, Please stop.
 Suddenly your hearing is like 100x better and every little noise can be anything and then your leg hairs tickle your leg and your brain is like "IT'S A SPIDER! IT'S PROBABLY ONE OF THOSE AUSTRALIAN ONES THAT CAN KILL YOU! FLAIL LIKE A LITTLE GIRL BEFORE IT BITES YOU AND YOUR LEG NEEDS TO BE AMPUTATED!" Why brain? why would it be one of the Australian ones? How would it get from Australia, to Canada, and then into my bed?

I'll tell you how, with the power of Imaaaaaagination.

I get up and turn on all the lights and then go back to sleep. Sometimes I listen to happy music to make me think of better, less scaryface, things.

I didn't draw this.. but I wish I did.

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I guess I'll just keep on keeping on with my commenting and following.


  1. great post !

    supporting you
    take care.

  2. hahaha, good post, good pictures!

    When I was younger I watched An American Werewolf in London. It obviously freaked me out. After watching it I became obsessed and frightened by werewolves. I used to remember looking out my brother's bedroom window and looking down the street to see if the werewolf was running down the street to come get me. Even though I was all the way in Texas. I also thought it would squeeze out of the drain at the bottom of our pool when I was swimming in the dark and eat me.

    Because if you've seen An American Werewolf in London you know the werewolf can breathe underwater (and fit through tiny holes) and also that he travels across the world to the southern states of America.

  3. Once that thought gets into my head, I cannot sleep. Everything is a monster :(

  4. Haha. Have you ever looked at someone's face in the dark and seen a REALLY creepy face because of the shadows? It's weird.

    I tend to worry about things other than spiders, but spiders are totally scary.

    Also, that's not Spongebob! D:

  5. God damn I hate that at night when you can feel every little hair on your body and you think you're just covered in spiders. Or a car drives by and a flash goes in the crack of the window and you think somebody is going to come in and kill you. Or you hear something on the door and you think someone is trying to rob you. D:

    Snake's in a Box? Where's Samuel L Jackson when you need him? :|

  6. imagination sure gets the best of me!

  7. The spider thing gets me almost every night. I hate those little bastards. It's almost worth shaving my legs to not have to freak out about that.

    Almost. But not quite.

  8. Imagination always get me. Sometimes I'm asleep for an hour after I've wanted to be.

  9. The other night while I was sleeping a random moth attacked my face. What are the chances of a moth touching my face when it could be anywhere else in the room? ahfdf

  10. I used to only think about mosquitoes biting every visible flesh, but spiders... jeez thats 100x more terrifying.

  11. thanks for the nightmares im gonna have tonight :/

  12. That's why I drink myself to sleep.

  13. hahaha i lol'ed at the picture :D

  14. That is so true. And once those thoughts are in your mind you can't go back to sleep till you check on everything and assure yourself and your over active mind that everything is fine.